Restaurant iPad POS

A full­featured set of management solutions developed specifically for hospitality. Customer management and marketing tools are included as well, all conveniently accessed for a single dashboard.

Everything you need to run a restaurant efficiently!

Accepting payments is easy with Lavu iPad POS, whether it is cash, check, gift­card, or credit card. Easily split checks, reconcile cash, and establish Happy Hours times and pricing with specialized, automatic modifications.

Full­Featured iPad POS

Access your full­featured set of management tools in one convenient dashboard. Build and maintain your menu and pricing, track inventory to the ingredient, manage employees with timecards and schedules, view your exportable comprehensive sales reports and more!

Improve your customer experience and marketing

Build your customer database to improve workflow and customer experience. Save customer phone number and email contacts for loyalty and marketing opportunities. Use gift cards, social media, and online ordering to your advantage. 

Key Features

  • 24/7 and Local Support
  • On screen signature and tip capture (or on receipt)
  • Portion Control Scale integration
  • Integrated and easy online ordering
  • Web-based reporting and management
  • 86 Countdown and Inventory management
  • Delivery and Routing System
  • Track your customers
  • Customizable Happy Hours
  • Take orders on handheld devices
  • 3 distinct modes: Quick Serve, Tab, & Table